Things to do in Manali on Summer !!

Manali is the ultimate destination for people that are looking for adventure, sports, fun, and recreation. There is a lot on offer in Manali and excellent weather conditions make this all the more fun! There is maximum influx of tourist in the summer months and it is the best time for people to get involved in adventure sports that can actually be nerve chilling and scintillating. Some of the activities in Manali that are held in the summer are mentioned below:

  • White River Rafting:  White River rafting is a very challenging adventure sport that gets its name because the action of rafting makes the water appear white. It uses an inflatable boat that is used with paddles to ride through the guzzling water. Full of adventure and fun this outdoor activity draws a lot of people to Manali and its locales. In Manali this sport is organized by the oldest adventure company of Kullu from Pirdi camp. The cost of River rafting is around Rs 1000 per person and it usually takes about 2-3 hours on the river to do this. There are about 10 big and small rapids involved.river-rafting
  • Paragliding: Paragliding is another sport that is highly popular in Manali. It is usually done in Solang Valley and Hallan. In Solang Valley people are taken 150 -200 metres up slopes with the pilot. The flight generally lasts from 1-2.5 minutes. On the other hand Hallan paragliding is suitable for high flying; that lasts up to 15-20 minutes. Fliers are taken near the mountain tops from where they are with the pilots to fly and the landing is in the base of the valley in Sarsai that is near Naggar. Again a sport full of adventure, it costs Rs 1000 for low flying an Rs 4000 for high flying cropped-img_71751.jpg
  • Trekking: Trekking in Manali is yet another popular outdoor activity that is enjoyed by the visitors a lot. Trekking along paths of Manali is full of scenic splendour along its frequented and uncharted routes. There are marvellous routes going through the alpine meadows and rocky terrains.Trekking-Tour
  • Jeep Safari: Jeep Safari is again another popular adventure sport that is enjoyed by people in Manali and during summers the fun of doing Jeep Safari gets accentuated all the more owing to the beautiful surroundings of the place. Jeep Safari in Manali costs around Rs 750 per personjeepsafari_banner
  • Mountain Biking and Angling: This outdoor activity cost Rs 2000 each for both the sports and is full of thrill, excitement and splendour that makes for an enjoyable outdoor sport for the people visiting Manali.shimla-to-manali-mountain-biking-big

All in all the Manali in summers is full of scenic beauty and good outdoor activities that make Manali visits in summer a trip to look forward to!

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Kinnaur – Affluence of Nature

The name of Kinnaur is synonymous to many highly acclaimed things. The first being its scenic affluence and nature’ bounty; which is undoubtedly in abundance, then it is acclaimed amongst the fruit lovers for the variety of apples that are highly renowned worldwide. Also pine-nuts and other dry fruits grown here are also very famous. However amongst many other things; the place is also known as ‘Land of Gods’.

Kinnaur lies at a distance of approximately 235 km from Shimla and has Tibet to its east and Himachal Pradesh in its North East. Its geographical location; along with being surrounded by three high mountain ranges namely Zanskar, Himalayas and Dhauladhar; which further enclose valleys of Spiti, Sutlej and Bapsa with their tributaries lend magical opulence to this place. For the religious enthusiasts there is a huge Shivlinga that is located on the pinnacle of Kinner Kailash Mountain. Here, there are followers of both Buddhism and Hinduisms. The Hindus believe that Kinnaur is the place where Pandavas were settled when they were in exile. While the Buddhist herkinnaure are strong believers of the Buddhist cult; that is based on principles of honest and simple living. Further the religious affinity of the place goes further; as in ancient mythology people living in Kinnaur were called Kinners which means half way between men and Gods. And this ‘Land of God’ spells close harmony between the people of two different faiths as they live here in universal brotherhood and peace.  Now that is the magical charm of Kinnaur. Also the location is such that the slopes of the mountains are covered with thick plantation that offers a stupendous view to the place. The place with its immense scenic charms was exposed to the people in the year 1989, and since then Kinnaur has become a highly popular place for young and old visitors that come here to enjoy the immense magnanimity of the nature as such! A trip taken to Kinnaur can cover many other beautiful places like Narkanda, Sarahan, Sangla and the majestic view of Mt Kailash. The scenic beauty of the place makes one wonder that if there is heaven on Earth, it would be Kinnaur…Undoubtedly!