Unravelling the Beauty of Kinnaur and Lahaul – Spiti

Nature at its most nascent form is the essence of life, inspiring higher things. Nature is present everywhere, but there are few places that simply magnify its presence. Kinnaur, tucked in the mesmerizing lap of Himalayas, reflects the same pristine nature. While the Lahaul & Spiti’s rugged terrain unveils the vast expanses of serenity.

Kinnaur, Halfway Between Humans and Gods

Kinnaur remained inaccessible for the world until the roads and other communications medium weren’t setup. But once the gateways were opened, the world was awed by the incomprehensible beauty. Some of the most visited destinations in Kinnaur include:

Sangla also known as the Baspa valley, is one of the most scenic Himalayan valleys. Though Sangla, the largest village in this valley, is gradually transforming into a modern village, but still retains its old charm.

Chitkul is the last village that borders Tibet. The local non-Buddhist deity, Goddess Chitkul is believed to protect the village from all harms. This spot is popular among trekkers and tourists as the last point of the Kinner Kailash Parikrama. The Kagyupa temple which is renowned for the highly treasured images of Shakyamuni Buddha, a Wheel of Life mandala and four Directional Kings is located in this village.

Kalpa is the quaint little village, humbly perched in the ambiance of Himalayas, overlooking the stunning Kinner Kailash. Legends say that it was the winter home of Lord Shiva, reminiscences of which can be seen in the temples found here. The beauty, peace and exclusivity of Kalpa attract many tourists to visit it each year.

Lahaul & Spiti, the Beauty of an Enchanted Terrain

The two districts Lahual and Spiti were merged into one district recently in 1960. After the merger, Kaza became the regional headquarter of Spiti and Keylong the regional headquarters of Lahaul.

Rohtang Pass is the gateway into Lahual and Spiti, while Kunzum la or the Kunzum Pass is the entree way into Spiti Valley from Lahaul. The two valleys are distinctive from each other with Spiti having harder terrain than Lahaul. Here are 2 top destinations to visit in Lahual and Spiti.

Kaza can be entered from two ways, through Kinnaur valley and the Lahaul valley. During summers it is the hub of tourist activities and paradise for adventure seekers.

Keylong lies on the bank of Bhaga River at the intersection of Chandra Valley, the Bhaga Valley, and the Chenab Valley. Tourist can enjoy the distant snow-capped mountains, unique terrain and enchanting views.

So what next you can do just pack up your bag and get ready for a thrilling trip through Himalayas.

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Enchanting Kinnaur

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My Epiphany in Rugged Snow Peaks of Sangla Valley

Kinner kilash

Kinner kilash

I was tired of fighting with the rush hours at the office. It was time to take a much awaited real trip to the mountains. A trip where I could relive my childhood thrills wake up to relentless orchestra of sound birds and cloudy wind knocking at my window. An adventure outdoor lover like me could only think of one place, Sangla Valley at Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. At an altitude of 2,860 Sangla valley is enclosed by towering snow-dusted mountains on all sides. The valley is situated on the banks of river Baspa. I hurriedly booked a hotel through Himachal hotels and reached there late night.

Morning View

Morning View

The snowball throwing clouds had brought silent blanketing snow that night. On reaching to my destination I could see the villager’s slate roofs were covered with puffs of snow. The evergreen foliage was covered with layers of icing. For a moment it felt like I was in heaven. At last I retired to my cozy luxurious room. In my passing phase and sleep I saw through my window a flash of lightening in the sky followed by a loud thunder. Suddenly, it woke me up and I’m not complaining. Tiredness took over me and snooze me to a much needed sleep.

The next morning the weather was drearier- grey sky above, strong winds

Old Budhist Temple

Old Budhist Temple

followed by drizzle. I was thinking to my self here goes my day down the drain suddenly, there is knocking at my door and I’m being informed that my guide Dhampat is here. After a brief introduction he takes me for a drive to nearby kapla. I was unable to views of the sacred Kinner Kailash due to weather condition. I spent whole three day exploring villages like Roghi, Batseri and Chitkul.

I explored their culture, tasted their famous apples, studied their changing

Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods

architecture and hand carving. Spent my evenings around bonfire and ate mouth watering exotic dishes like barbecued lamb with jacket potatoes. Dhampat also took me to weather beaten Bodh temple. The temple had dragon pillars lined in the corners and series of wooden carving on the wall. I saw a group of Buddhists carrying on a deep guttural sound of Buddhist chanting. I sat against one monk his voice wove with the passing of his beads. I sat there for an about one hour in peace. We also took a small walk in the woods where I could see thick chunks of ice straddles into a narrow gulley and forming into a stream. The water in the river glimmered as glass. Beyond Chitkul lies a vast expanse of inhospitable mountains terrain and beyond that the forbidden tracts of Tibet. I am quite thankful to god because it usually rained during the night time.

I spent a beautiful trip and the memory of it will linger on till few decades.