Splurge a Magnetic Honeymoon at Kullu Manali the Most Beautiful Hill Stations

on our way to Kullu Manali

on our way to Kullu Manali

Green rush deep valley, redwoods, secluded lovers paradise, fireplaces, snow-capped peaks, enthrallingly beautiful location, cascading waterfalls… wondering where this mickle destination could be. Well, I am talking about Kullu Manali pertinently called the Switzerland of India. As newly married we were looking for a destination filled with splendors of nature and experience privacy with a dash full of romance. Our parents introduced us and we planned to take the plunge happily last year after 10 months of courtship. While pounding on the thought of honeymoon he told me look, we do not want to stress about planning the honeymoon. So, I told him let find an online travel booking and let them help us. Himachal Hotels came to our rescue and advised us Kullu Manali. Our bottom line was, it should fit our budget and it better be a freaking spectacular honeymoon. After detailed information we eventually nixed that idea as well.

our hotel at manali

our hotel at manali

I was told the truth that, Kullu Manali is an ideal city of love with its rich architecture and breath taking scenic displays. We booked a resort in Manali for three day and a hotel in kullu for three days. As a traveler I’ve had some great road trips in my life, but this one is far the best. There is a certain romance to getting married in winter. The resort offered us

We at Kullu Manali

We at Kullu Manali

top-notch facilities and impeccable services. Crackling fire at the hearth, a blanket in front of the hearth, dark wooded lavish interior, enormous bathroom and above all a breathtaking vista outside this was how our room looked like. The highlight of our honeymoon was going for long walks on the hills surrounded by snow capped mountains, Beas river flowing nearby along the wide glacial looking on riverbed, old beautiful architectural buildings built on the peaks of the hillocks. We also took a slow walk holding hands in the thick deodar forests full of cool breezes. We stayed at Manali for three days and three days in kullu. In kullu we visited famous old villages like Malana, Kasol and Naggar.

Malana Weavers at Kullu

Malana Weavers at Kullu

We indulged our self in an exotic rich spa treatment which included aromatherapy and deep tissue massage. We immerse ourselves in a plethora of activities like paragliding, zorbing, skiing, water rafting, which I guarantee you will enjoy with your spouse. We also biked on an old gravel road in kullu. We were told that it’s just phenomenally peaceful in Kullu during winters; the residents spend their winter in activities like sitting around the fire, spinning wool and knitting. Spending your entire life in living such pleasurable life, a dream that each one of use desire.



We traveled to Kullu Manali on our honeymoon and started a new chapter of our life. A romantic getaway for all newly wed couples especially when Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.


12 thoughts on “Splurge a Magnetic Honeymoon at Kullu Manali the Most Beautiful Hill Stations

  1. Hey mate!!!
    Let me start by saying i found your blog very informative, intreaking and a time worth spent reading…I have bookmarked you on stumble upon….Keep writing more….i’ll be waiting for another post.


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  3. Hi,
    It was nice reading. I am right now planning my honeymoon. You mind suggesting the resorts you booked and what is the minimum budget you can estimate ?


  4. This is a nice blog and nice pictures added in it. I travel Kullu and Manali at many times. I enjoyed the travel fo this destination in every time. There you find a perfect destination and places for the couples and absolutely this is a great place for honeymoon travel!!

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